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Checkpoint Zero

Kayak Courses, Lessons and Clinics in the greater Seattle area and northwest.

Paddling on Lake Union, Seattle

Custom and private lessons.

Email (best) or call (206) 669-1622 for more information.

Instructor Courses (click here to read more).

Other trips and courses by appointment:

  • Tour Lake Union, Portage Bay and the houseboats! Beginners welcome!!
  • Introduction to Paddling
  • Basic Sea Kayaking
  • Strokes and Maneuvers
  • Learning Mainstream Rescues

  • Friday evenings Introduction to Kayaking
  • Intermediate Strokes and Maneuvers
  • Rescues and Scenarios
  • Beginning River Paddling

  • Paddle the Powerhouse - Intermediate River Kayaking Workout
  • Surfing - Crescent Beach, Neah Bay/La Push

  • Learn-by-doing sea kayaking trip, La Conner
  • Coastal Kayak Navigation and Touring, one to two days, overnight
  • Whitewater Instructor Update, Snoqualamie/Skykomish River
  • Team Building - Bring your group to the river, lake or saltwater for a fun kayaking experience!

    *Registration form and liability waivers at the bottom of the page. Please bring with you.



    (Fine print and liability waivers at the bottom of the page)

    Date and Location-Call for a date in your area.

    Private Lessons and Coaching:
    Flatwater, Saltwater, Moving Water, River

    Tailored to you and/or your group.

    Scenarios are great team-building events! Choose a leader and let the time unfold!

    Private Lessons by appointment
    $130.00 one person / Two Hours
    $145.00 two people/ 2 hours
    Four people:
    $325.00 / 2 hours.

    Per-day rates upon request, depending on venue.
    Custom groups, guided tours and team building are available.

    *Kayak rentals are extra.

     By appointment

    Whitewater Beginning Private Lesson: "Most fun four hours spent in Washington! Great Instruction. Concise - deliberate - easy-to-follow. Explained procedure - demonstrated - then I got to practice. Land instruction helpful. I felt safe and confident! So looking forward to more lessons. Thank you Andree and thank you John for a great birthday gift! "

    Introduction to Kayaking
    (with an emphasis on coastal kayaking)

    This course introduces the basics of sea kayaking.


    Bellingham Bay - Boat Works or Lake Padden

    Port Townsend

    Port Angeles


    Cost - $85.00 per person, two person minimum
    *Equipment not included

    Skills update and boat control

    Learn to use the kayak as it was designed! Edging, turning, bracing. Modify your forward stroke to efficiancy. Learn and refine three draw strokes to move sideways. Video taping of strokes available. Three Hours


    Bellingham Bay - Boat Works or Lake Padden

    Port Townsend

    Port Angeles


    Cost - $85.00, Two person minimum
    *Equipment Not Included

    Rescue yourself and others Knowing various rescues and the most efficient methods is important for any kayaker! Learn several rescues in this class (bow rescue, self rescue, assisted rescue) and some variations. Be challenged with a scenario!


    Bellingham Bay - Boat Works or Lake Padden

    Port Townsend

    Port Angeles


    Cost - $85.00 per person, two person minimum
    *Equipment not included

    Introduction to River Kayaking and Whitewater Paddling

    Learn about the whitewater kayak and how to maneuver it down a river or use it for playboating! Different levels available:

    Flatwater - learn basic boat control and rescue, learn moves that cross-over to the river

    Moving Water - learn peel-outs, eddy turns and ferries. Introduction to river reading.

    Class two river running - take a trip down a class two river and apply the above skills!


    Coastal Skills Course Depending on conditions (wind speed and direction), meet at either Freshwater Bay or Crescent Beach. Work with the swells and waves along the straits. Identify and work rock gardens, areas near the cliffs, surf in at Crescent Beach. Ideally I'd like to paddle from Freshwater Bay to Crescent Beach.

    Intermediate course - must be fully prepared for immersion and be able to assist with efficient rescues.

    Adjourn for dinner!

    Midsummer, tbd. Please let me know if you are interested.

    American Canoe Association Instructor Training and Development Workshop Coastal Kayaking (IDW)

    You get to practice teaching topics utilizing various teaching techniques, become involved in different feedback processes, refine and have your strokes video taped. We will practice rescues and have scenarios in wind and current using standardized methods.

    Deception Pass satisfies all the ACA criteria for open water assessment.

    Dinners will be coordinated; breakfast and lunch are potluck. We provide the coffee, orange juice, hard boiled eggs, bagels, cream cheese and bananas!

    ACA approved textbook included.

    Read More: Instructor Development Workshop


    - Fill-in this form if you are interested in the course.

    Cost - $295.00 per person

    Includes continental breakfast and the ACA sanctioned book "Coastal Kayaking Topic Outlines"

    Deception Pass Clinic

    ACA Open Water Clinic

    In this course we will begin with a quick study of the of tides and currents, and apply this to the San Juan Islands and Deception Pass. We will discuss entering and existing eddies, and then move to the water to review wet exits, bracing and boat tilt. Once the group as a whole achieves a higher level of proficiency, we will set out to find some current. We may or may not venture into the pass the first day.

    Please bring lunches that you can eat while away from the beach, plus snacks and warm drinks. Dry suits are mandatory ( with enough clothing on under to feel comfortable floating for ten minutes) as are helmets (while playing in current). Course will satisfy the ACA open water agenda.


  • The confidence in Andree's ability gave me confidence that made me feel safe pushing myself.

  • It's nice to be learning, gaining experience and getting pointers when we are in the situation

  • $150.00 per person, equipment not included. Four person maximum.
  • Pool Sessions!

    A nice warm pool is a great way to get started kayaking. Get a quick lesson on parts of the kayak, the paddle and learn how to get in the kayak!

    Knowing you can get out of the kayak is important and one of the first things we do. We move on to an introductory lesson on paddle strokes and boat control, focusing on devloping reflexes to keep you from going over and to help you turn the kayak.

    By appointment - sign the waiting list or sign-up a group for a private lesson.

    You've a wonderful presence in the classroom setting. It's obvious that you are telling your own story from successful experience and not reading someone else's script. I particularly admired the way in which you worked with students. In the distant future your students may not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.

    Team Building Teambuilding and kayaking can be a good mix.

    Set it up however you feel is best - team building in the morning, lunch, kayaking in the afternoon.

    Throw in some scenarious for leadership and group dynamics with debriefing afterwards.

    Tailored to your program.

    You can even have the team building without the kayaking without the kayaking!

    "Diminishing Circles"-
    a fun problem solving initiative.

    Instructor Certification Exam (ICE)

    This is where you teach us and your peers. Still a learning process, in this case your final evaluation will hopefully result in a certification level somewhere within the ACA hierarchy. Certification is not a rubber stamp; it is earned through hard work on your part. With great modeling, teaching, knowledge, comfort on the water and three consectutive rolls, an ACA certification is a feather in your cap!

    We can share cabins at La Push or you can opt for your own apartment. I will provide continental breakfasts, lunch is on your own or potluck, and dinners will be coordinated in or out!

    La Push, WA

    Wenatchee River Festival (Summer)

    On the Wenatchee, benifits the Amercian Whitewater Association

    San Juan Tours Learn by doing - kayak to some of the beautiful islands in the San Juans! You have the choice to relax, hike or engage in lessons of your choice. Available to your are chart reading, figuring currents and tides, trip planning, cooking and even fishing or photography!

    KIX will bring the breakfast, lunch is potluck or on your own, and participants plan and execute dinners.

    Expedition behavior is expected - expect the unexpected and be a problem solver! We may have wind, fog or current (more learning opportunities!) . An average day paddle might be two to three hours but, depending on conditions might be longer.

    The trip starts with a bang from Anacortes. Participants should have an idea of how to pack their kayaks (practice at home). Some group gear might be distributed.

    Recommended: Leave from Port Townsend on the whale watch boat.

    June, July and August

    By appointment.

    Outdoor Retailer Show

    Outdoor Retailer Show


    Salt Lake City

Kayaking and other items from the store

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    "...much more applicable and hands-on when you see it and feel it first hand."

    Download the Course Schedule and Brochure. (PDF)

    Sign-up sheet. (PDF)
    Time is very valuable. Deposits are required for each course. If an attendee cancels within two weeks prior to the course, we will refund 50%. After two weeks no refund will occur.

    Various conditions such as wind and fog can be expected on trips which may cause layovers.

    Sea kayaking is a sport which is at the mercy of the elements (that's why I like it so much!).

    If a participant chooses to leave a trip for any reason, no refund will occur due to their choice.

    We will always try to end a trip on time but there is a possibility that weather might interfere with these plans.

    If we cancel a trip due to weather we will first offer the option of re-scheduling, then offer a refund if a participant cannot make the schedule.

    Please download and sign the liability waiver and bring it with you to class!
    Visa and Mastercard Accepted through our sister website,

    Kayak Instruction Excellence (KIX)

    Phone:(206) 669-1622,

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