KIX Newsletter September 2005


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Newsletter, September 05

Just Some News
KIX Newsletter September 05
As usual September is here and Im surprised the days are shorter and the
trees are turning colors! Our northwest blackberries are still going
strong, and instructor courses are being organized for October!

Going back to the days in June - the Wenatchee River Festival raised
a few thousand dollars for the American Whitwater Association ( ), I taught a great all-womens clinic on the
river and ran into a bunch of river friends people I used to raft-guide
along side as far back as 1980! (Whew) Looking forward to next year.


This was followed by leading a very nice Boy Scout troop from San Juan
Island to Stuart Island (and back). We stayed on Turn, Jones, Posey - had experiences with current, marine mammals, birds and
of course the requisite hike to the light house on Stuart. It is being
renovated - a good sign as last I heard it was abandoned. I seemed to
fit-in with the 15 year old age group - they were the ones who really
liked running around, exploring and being silly.

I filled in many days teaching private lessons to groups of two and four,
(some at Agua Verde Paddle Club where we finished with those
delicious meals!) and then drove to the Outdoor Retailer show taking the
long way through Idaho.

Here is a web page of that trip which I more-or-less dedicated to my new dog: . I did pick up a lot of new dog accessories for the store because of her!

I've updated the Brunton, Nalgene, and outdoor camping section. There is a
cool product called Orikaso:
- folding dishes for picnics!

After a party on Guemes I did a short solo around the Cone Islands that I
just loved - it was quiet and I sidled up to the steep cliffs on the east
to see the sea creatures, purple and orange starfish, colonies of tiny
green anenomies, critons, all those entities I forget about when I am
shore-bound. The fog had gone out but was hanging around in the background
as if it was going to descend anytime, but it was good to me and I didn't
really have to navigate home by compass!

I thought last weekend's West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium
( ) was a real blast! I created my first Powerpoint
show for Tides and Currents, and other than the time it took, and the
finicky way the Mac has with interfacing to the projector I now have a
show to take on the road! I hung around the First Light Kayak booth where
my friends could find me and was pleasantly surprised at how many did! I
also tried out several kayaks including a new one from Sweden ( ).

Here is what is coming up in the next month:

This weekend kayakers are meeting at Saltwater County Park to cleanup the
local coastline for the Surfriders Foundation: .
I am the contact from the Washington Kayak Club so if you would like to
join us on Sunday at eleven am please let me know by email or phone

Next week I a running a full-to-the-seams whitewater certification course
in Spokane. I'm very excited about it as we have people attending from the
many of the college outdoor programs in Eastern Washington and the
infrastructure seems perfect. We are using the conference room at REI and
the river runs right through town.

If you are interested in the spring course in Leavenworth you can take a
peak at the schedule for this one:
Cert Course

I'll be taking another road trip to Colorado for the third annual
Whitewater Symposium - . I'm going to take my
new Wavesport EZG 42 and hope to come back with some new moves! If anyone
is interested, I'll take a rider to share the gas!

Following this is the coastal kayak instructor development workshop
(October 14-16) and exam (October 21-23) in Port Townsend and La Push,
respectively. *These can be used for upgrades and updates.

Lastly, there are new paddlers in Port Townsend looking for other paddlers
to paddle with - if you want to email me I'll try to network you!

Then I think it is ski season! Lets hope there is snow this year!

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I've uploaded hummingbird images from my  backyard.


Movie clips of paddling! Movies
You will need the Quicktime player from the Apple:

My article on whitewater kayaking - City Sports NW - Whitewater Kayaking
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