KIX Newsletter August, 2003

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Ms. Tourista - picked up new Current Designs Siroccos in Victoria (they deliver)!

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Newsletter, August 2003

Just Some Quick News

Review the pilot San Juan Islands tour in July. Join me on the next tour - September 11-14th - read more about it!

Ongoing Tuesday and Thursday evening skills clinics - drop in!

Upcoming Dates

September 5 - 7- American Canoe Association instructor development workshop, Deception Pass and Washington Park, near Anacortes, WA

September 19 - 21 West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium, Port Towsend

October 3, 4, 5 - Whitewater Symposium, Zoar Outdoor

October 10 - 12 - American Canoe Association instructor development workshop, Deception Pass and Washington Park, near Anacortes, WA , Port Townsend, Washington (and instructor updates)

October 24 - 26 - American Canoe Association instructor development workshop , St. Augustine, Florida

October 31 - November 2 - American Canoe Association instructor certification exam, St. Augustine, Florida

In the works: January - IDW and a fun kayak tour in Veracruz, Mexico - hosted by Rafael Mier Maza.

Instructor's Corner

I bumped into and queried several other ACA instructors at last weeks Outdoor Retailer show....Bob Foote and Karen Knight are two instructors I have spoken with at different events and respect. I find our issues and outlooks are similar...we are striving to stay in the industry as instructors and striving to model good technique. In coastal kayaking there is a lot of orientation to what is the right way to do something - this is evidenced at instructor updates and on lists such as Paddlewise. With this in mind I watched Bob and Karen give a demonstration for the ACA of the paddlefloat re-entry - and saw Karen gracefully come out of the water on the back deck. As this is my favorite method - I find it the easiest - I was glad to see someone from another part of the country do it too.

Additionally I watched Greg Barton give a forward stroke clinic and use terms catch, power, recovery - another point of contention in certain instructor courses. I thought if an paddler like Greg still uses these terms it's more broad ranging than the ACA. Using "plant" - as in planting the paddle in cement and drawing the boat past the paddle is also an effective visualization.

On the other hand there is always striving towards innovation - take a look at Kent Ford's new rolling video. We have been using the technique in our rolling classes and have seen great success.

With the orientation towards different learning styles I try to file away as many tips and variations as I can into my bag of tricks - this way I can pull out a visualization or methodology that suits the moment.

Tooting One's Own Horn -

Whitewater - "Great fun, Andree was very patient and teaching style is fun too. One weekend and I feel much more comfortable on the water."


Movie clips of paddling! Movies You will need the Quicktime player from the Apple:

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My article on whitewater kayaking - City Sports NW - Whitewater Kayaking

Brochure - Brochure

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Kayak Instruction Excellence

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Deposits are required for each course. If an attendee cancels within two weeks prior to the course, we will refund all but $50.00 kept for processing. After two weeks no refund will occur due to scheduling of instructors, rooms and other costs associated with logistics.
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Map to Port Townsend
The green area to the northeast is the area Fort Worden is in. You can use your mouse to make the map larger.
Once you get to Port Townsend, you will see signs to Fort Worden.

Directions to Oak Bay Park

*Note: If you are flying in and need kayak rental, we can arrange that for you in Port Townsend. Please let us know in advance. You can also check Kayak Port Townsend

Lodging: As many are on a budget, recommended lodging is the hostel, ((360) 385-0655), which is adjacent to the building we like to use. The hostel is $17.00 per night, add on $8.00 if you get a private room (reserved for couples except during a slow season.
We have also recently recommended the Quimper Inn Bed and Breakfast. The phone number is 800-557-1060.

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