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Checkpoint Zero

Kayak lessons - Seattle - Olympic Penninsula - Bellingham - Rivers to the Sea - San Juans - Puget Sound - Lake Union, Snoqualamie River! Meet for lessons and informative tours.

Kayak Instruction Excellence

Breathtaking view from Tatoosh Island. Although we hit is on a calm day, this can be one of the roughest places to paddle in the state.

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If you have a request for a trip, tour or clinic or class please email kayak@onwatersports.com
*All courses use approved outlines of the American Canoe Association

ACA Instructor Development Training Workshop: A lot of people talk about experiential learning and good teaching, but many fail to model it in workshops. Andree set the stage and then got out of the way. Everyone in the group, from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels, jumped in and participated. Experienced people learned a lot, and those with less experience came away knowing what they didn’t know without being belittled. Throughout the course, safety was prioritized and maintained."

Take day-one of a river's course
with a group of friends or
as corporate team building (this group).

Whitewater Beginning Group Lesson: "Outstanding class... a much needed class. Also got me on the water 6 days which has really built my kayaking confidence. Instructor was outstanding. Very friendly. Easy to talk to and ask questions. Light hearted. Always asked if we wanted to work on anything in particular. "

Whitewater Beginning Private Lesson: "Most fun four hours spent in Washington! Great Instruction. Concise - deliberate - easy-to-follow. Explained procedure - demonstrated - then I got to practice. Land instruction helpful. I felt safe and confident! So looking forward to more lessons. Thank you Andree and thank you John for a great birthday gift! "

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