KIX Newsletter Spring 2006

Bento Box Lunch, Hong Kong Outward Bound (Photo by Linda Townsend)


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Newsletter, Spring 06

Just Some News


Welcome to spring! Although we have a wonderful snow pack and great skiing at the Stevens Pass Ski School, spring is officially here and people are contacting me about kayak lessons and certification clinics! I already have several signups for the April instructor development workshop and so have room for a couple more people. I am busy working on getting my skiing certification for skiing and really enjoying it; the PSIA (http://www.psia.org/01/Education/ilc/start.asp#) process is broadening my perspective from both a candidates and a trainers view.

Instructor Training in Hong Kong

It's been a busy few months since I wrote my last newsletter! I just got back from training the staff at Hong Kong Outward Bound ( http://www.outwardboundhk.org ) - true to the Outward Bound reputation, I met a wonderful group of people and even learned a couple of words in Chinese!

I led three four-day courses and got spoiled going to work every day. After coffee (I know, I can't do without) on the patio looking out over the bay to the town of Sai Kung, I walked down a windy shady lane to the shiny new training center on the water and adjacent to the ropes course.

This school is very busy with everything from corporate training to team building, and their participants come from Hong Kong to Beijing. I was lucky to motor out to their northern base, which is quite remote, yet comfortable. All electricity is generated from a building-sized generator. From a forty-foot sailboat to fleets of kayaks, they have all the bases covered!




Fish Market, Sai Kung

Goofing off in Sai Kung

Wet Exit Practice (Photo by Linda Townsend)

We also motored out to some rough water one day loaded up eight kayaks and towed a rigid inflatable as a chase boat. We launched from the boat, practiced rescues and towing in large swells, and then surfed into a small beach to eat at a remote restaurant. After warming by the campfire lunch was served with the usual two main courses, two vegetables and white rice. I'm starting to crave white rice!

Rough Water Day and Chase Boat (Photo by Linda Townsend)

Rough Water T-Rescue Practice (Photo by Linda Townsend)

Warm Meal at Beachside Cafe

Whitewater Instructor Certification Course

The other main highlight was our instructor certification course for whitewater kayaking last September. Thanks to Dustin, one of the ski school instructors who attended, we held this in Spokane, Washington - another very livable city, especially if you are into kayaking on rivers!

Candidate teaching ferrying

The Spokane River has a nice paved trail along it and you can access play waves and holes from various parking spots. We had our introductory meeting at REI, camped at a beautiful spot along the river, and had a large percentage of attendees from the outdoor programs at the three major colleges in eastern Washington, a high caliper group who modeled great teaching abilities. It was so fun we are going to hold another one there in May as we are hoping for a great snowmelt!

Running a rapid with grace and style



Modelling one form of a sweep stroke




Free "play" time

Whitewater Symposium in Colorado

Another wonderful event taking clinics from Eric Jackson, Joe Jacobi, Mary Dereimer and others! Don't miss the next one in California in 2006 - it's sure to be warmer!

Eric Jackson and the draw

Charlie Walbridge and Sam Fowlkes teach river rescue
(brrr, look at those down coats)






Northwest Division of the ACA

As some people know, I ve agreed to be the Northwest Divisional Facilitator for the American Canoe Association (ACA),and I was also nominated and elected to the ACA board of directors. People have been congratulating me - thank you! I want to try to work towards excellent programming across the board as my mentors at University of Minnesota and the Nantahala Outdoor Center bequeathed to me. I do have to fly to the east coast three times a year! I attended my first meeting in November and now have a much better idea of the depth of the system I am in!

How about a sea kayak trip to Baja or Canada? Sea Kayak Adventures is run by two old kayak-guide friends of mine that happened to meet an get married: http://seakayakadventures.com/ . I would love to go to Baja this winter!

Visit my booth and me at the Port Angeles and South Puget Sounds Sea Kayak Symposiums in April and May, respectively!


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