Navigation Notes and Terms

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Navigation Notes

Where you are, where you are going


Read direction
Discuss Error Sources
Read and plot a bearing
Declination - Angle of difference
-Magnetic to True + East
-True to Magnetic - E
Variation (same but on water)
Deviation - Influence of objects nearby
Parts - scale, needle, baseplate, houseing

Nav-aid, Grid Sheet
String (knotted, distance measure(hands, knuckles)

Tide tables, charts
Chart Number One

Plot a Course

Establish bearing - direction to landmark
Speed of travel, Use of check points
Piloting - Use known landmarks for references
-Bearings (direction to landmark) (take a bearing)
-Headings (direction boat is pointing) (what is your heading)
Follow a Course - Direction you want to go
Dead Reckoning - Position figured from speed and time using chart and compass
Triangulation - Three bearings, crossing
Transits/Navigational or Natural Range -
-2 objects in a line, observe relation
Track = Actual
Distance Off - (Rate and Time)
Aiming off
-(aim above destination with ferry angle)

Rules of the Road

Boat Traffic, shipping lanes, small boat channels, group tactics, visibility, legal rules of road.

As a kayaker, be a defensive driver!

Speed made good.

Compass heads to magnetic, we use magnetic ring on chart.

Longitude lines are oriented true

Chart reading:

Distance, direction, depth, coastal features, navigational aides, traffic lanes, fathoms or feet.

One degree = Sixty nautical
One minute latidude = one nautical mile
1.15 Mile = One minute = Sixty seconds
Water depth - One fathom = Six Feet
Depth curves - soundings, shoals
Contour lines
Names, places, human made features
Shoreline composition
Lights - FL(2) 30s Rm 21m Horn(2) 60s Color, Frequency, Height, Noise

Buoys (color, shape, numbering, light)
Red right return


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