Thank you all! An honor working and learning!

Instructor Evaluation

Use of time:


Excellent - Right on schedule.

Time was well managed, we actually stayed on schedule.

Very good, if we got off schedule you weren't announcing it.

Really well, a little better than the IDW.

Stayed on schedule (wow!), kept us on track.


For the most part time was managed well, though there were times some things drug on.

Full. Good. Dense. Could have scheduled a couple of half hour breaks, but ok without them.



Sequence of instruction:


Logical sequence - nothing was "a curve ball". All pre-planned, pre-discussed, and in a logical flow.

The format progressed ina logical and progressive manner. Very well layed out.

Good, kept with outline but able to be flexible if necessary.

Great progression.

Made sense - one lesson logically followed the next sequentially.


Every effort was made to vary the pacing of our long days.

Constructive feedback?


Nothing but.

Excellent work at constructive feedback. Always helpful and concerned with students development and understanding.

Terrific - you all are really great at this!

Great, I am certified in whitewater from the ACA and that process had very little constructive feedback.

Right on the money!


Good atmosphere for giving and receiving constructive and positive feedback, well role modeled by instructors.

Safety on the water?

Complete constructive learning environment. No fear only challenge. Perfect. Utmost safety and feeling of security.

Always present with safety. Good conciousness.


I never felt the group was at all in anything but complete safety at all times.

Did all the rescue scenarios after ensuring the boat traffic had passed.


Full-on, good.

Other comments.

Thank you all. An unforgetably fantastic weekend.

Excellent job. I recommend these instructors highly.

Great service on the weather! Getting addicted to the sea though! Lakes won't do it much longer! Thank you all!

An excellent three-some teaching group.

I'm tired! Deception Pass was really fun!


Very good class, I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in becoming an instructor.

Good food in mornings. Relaxed in evenings. Full days. Good learning. Good times, well done!

Thank you, you are all just great. I learned so much and all skill/knowledge areas increased exponentially.

Great overall, I learned more than I expected.

Do you plan to continue in the sport?

Doesn't even justify an answer.




What types of additional instruction would be of interest to you?

White water fun!

First aide and endorsement.

Maybe whitewater for skill building, other related classes/cert.

Expedition certification, open canoe whitewater, instructor trainer for K-1.

Adaptive paddling endorsement.

Expedition, surf, rolling, whitewater.

Workshop Evaluation

Is this your first course?



Fourth - basic flatwater canoe, moving water canoe, IDW/ICE



How did you learn about this workshop?

Work, Kayak Port Townsend and local contact /friends.


Internet, knew of Andrée before from symposium.

The ACA newsletter.


Kayak club.

What did you enjoy most about the workshop?

The excellent instruction.

Exploring personal limits safely - skills development - excellent instructor team, practicing teaching techniques.

Deception Pass! The day couldn't have been more perfect if you had ordered it. Great fun, my first time. An incredible learning environment.

The instructor combination.

Paddling with and learning from so many talented people (my fellow candidates and the instructors.)


Learning creative ways of teaching. I also enjoyed improving my strokes.

Paddle instruction, on water. The people.

Stroke feedback, teaching method input, many discussions and reviews.

Skill building and feedback process. Sharing info and techniques for instruction.

Improving my strokes and braces.

The positive learning environment.

What did you enjoy least about the workshop?

Late nights. Water polo (nobody really wants me on their team! - though I did get to actually touch the ball this time!)

I took the IDW from another place and they did not provide me with the printed packet material or the lesson plan outline topic book to take home so I didn't like not having that resource ahead of time.


Being in cold water!

Long hours, however lots of information to cover.

Length of paddling sessions, but it's important for us to be out long enough to get tired.

Some conflict (although probably inevidable). Games on the water (I'm a weenie).

Waiting for feedback/critique (at end).

The drive home.

How could your experience in this workshop have been improved/changed?

Can't think of anything?

No negative feelings.

Scheduling separate from Rhody Festival so we could easily camp in town. Stopping earlier would be better for rest time.

A shorter drive to and from the workshop from my home.

Better preparation on my part. Having the afore-mentioned material provide at the other IDW.


Having a dry suit.

Have to find a better one first to know, best so far in five years of outdoor training and work.

An early effort to build team/group, maybe.


Own/borrowed - great!

None supplied.

Supplied my own/had to make sure it was seaworthy!


I brought my own.

Bill's extra gear/hand outs.




Better! The Thai was great this time, go figure! Liked eating in!


Mostly I brought my own but the IT provided wonderful continental breakfast and ordered dinners brought in!

Snacks and bagels were good.

Good variety, great.


My own.

My hosts were very accommodating, not supplied by course.

Acceptable, slept like a log on my thermarest!


Very windblown, I camped. I wish Fort
Worden gave better sites to tent campers as the RVs don't even get out!

Not residential but hostel was adequate.

OK, one loud snorer in the other room, but so tired it didn't last long.

I camped at Fort Worden. Bad cold showers.


Great job, thanx a-lot.

Just fine!


Great, I really enjoyed it. The teaching team was good mix of teaching styles. Personality and serious work great together.

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